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in the business of manufacturing and exports of Big Bags, BCI expresses gratitude to all customers and suppliers for their unwavering support throughout its journey.

Bulk Containers India - A Global Supplier of Big Bags / FIBC / Bulk Bags / Jumbo Bags / PP Bags

Bulk Containers India Pvt. Ltd. (BCI) is a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Big Bags / FIBC / Bulk Bags / Jumbo Bags. BCI offers a wide range of Big Bags / FIBCs / Bulk Bags / Jumbo Bags in various constructions which include Circular, U+2 Panel type Bags, Baffle type Bags, Single & Two Loop bags  and also UN Certified Bags for transportation of hazardous materials.

BCI has built a strong network of customers and for more than a decade, has supplied high quality Big Bags at competitive rates to customers in the USA, UK, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

BCI - Value Differentiators

BCI adds significant value to customer businesses across the globe by providing right-fit packaging solutions.

A Global Reach across diverse industry verticals

Custom Packaging Solutions specific to customer needs

High Quality FIBCs at competitive rates & assured deliveries

Strong Production & Distribution capabilities

Featured Bulk Packaging Solutions

For competitively priced Packaging Solutions


Sand, aggregates, cement etc


Clay, kaolin, alumina, ores etc

Chemicals & Agro-chemicals

All chemicals and agro-chemicals

Market Segments

Agriculture & Food

Seeds, sugar, wheat flour, nuts, fertilizers etc

Polymer & Polymer Recycling

All polymers and recycled pallets

Waste Disposal

Typically asbestos waste

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