Bulk Containers India Pvt Ltd


BCI has been ISO Certified for Management Systems as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

BCI is equipped with latest machinery and testing equipment to ensure compliance with demanding quality standards. Our bags meet the EFIBCA and ISO 21898 standards and all the designs manufactured are certified by reputed testing houses like Labordata in Germany, IBE-BVI in Belgium or Indian Institute of Packaging in India.

Quality Control

BCI is committed to manufacture and supply Bulk Bags and PP Bags by being internationally competitive in Quality, Delivery and Price.

We strive to achieve this through a process of continual improvement in all areas of operations, providing value added products to the customer, laying emphasis on employee empowerment and establishing measurable 'Quality Objectives' at all functional levels.

For Quality Control, BCI has

  • A FIBC Testing Machine to conduct Cyclic and Top Lift Testing to comply with the International Testing Standard ISO 21898;
  • An UV Testing Machine to check the UV stability of all the components of the Big Bags. The test is carried out as per the ASTM Standard and ISO 21898;
  • Tensile Testing Machines for checking the tenacity of tapes, fabric and belts.

Quality Assurance

BCI has a strong team of QA personnel continually watching each process of manufacturing, from tape to final dispatch. The QA in-charge continually evaluates the processes to understand and improvise the quality control process. We have a marking system which is closely monitored to track any quality issue to its source and to implement preventive measures.


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